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Echoes (EP)

A collection of four reimagined songs featuring Mike Brown (lead vocals), Bill Cassidy (guitars and vocals), Alex Topping (bass) and John Callahan (drums and vocals). Available now, wherever you listen to music.

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About the Band

Established in the summer of 2009, Suns Of Static traces its roots to the collaborative efforts of guitarist and songwriter Bill Cassidy and bassist and co-songwriter Geoff Jarvis. Originating from Kingston, Ontario, this Canadian rock quartet currently comprises Mike Brown as the lead vocalist, Bill Cassidy handling guitars and vocals, Alex Topping on bass, and John Callahan on drums and vocals.

Drawing inspiration from iconic rock and grunge bands of the 90s such as Alice In Chains, Ian Thornley, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots, Suns Of Static has crafted a distinctive sound marked by open tunings, droning chords, dynamic drumming, and harmonized vocals.

The band's journey has seen various lineup changes, resulting in the production of four self-produced and self-recorded rock albums. Their debut album, "Begin Again" (2011), featuring Ryan Lewis, paved the way for "Rise" (2014) with Brandon Taylor as the lead vocalist, accompanied by music videos for standout tracks "Flares" and "The Drone." In 2016, Suns Of Static released their third album, "Fall," featuring lead vocals shared between John Callahan and Bill Cassidy, along with music videos for "Mountain Man" and "Little Black Dog." The 2023 release, "Souvenirs (Remastered)," is a 12-track compilation remastering songs originally presented as two separate EPs in 2019, with Connor MacNeil on lead vocals. The band's latest offering is the invigorating 4-song EP titled "Echoes," featuring four beloved tracks meticulously reimagined and rerecorded by the current powerhouse lineup.

Suns Of Static has graced numerous stages across various lineups, including Kingston's Alehouse, The Mansion, The Toucan, The Merchant, and Toronto's iconic Horseshoe. A notable achievement was earning a coveted spot at the 2015 Canadian Independent Music Festival in Belleville, sharing the stage with the esteemed Canadian 90s icon Treble Charger.

Looking ahead to 2024, Suns Of Static anticipates a return to the stage with Mike Brown as the lead vocalist, while also gearing up to produce fresh material in the coming months. This underscores the band's commitment to evolving and leaving an indelible mark on the ever-changing landscape of rock music.